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We are a multi-award-winning PR agency that specializes in guaranteeing publications like Forbes, Business Insider, and Other reputable names. Our business model relies on securing placements in advance. Thus ensuring 100% delivery. We won’t make promises we can’t keep. Our PR company also gets our clients to get press releases in top publications like Forbes while ensuring the content is written by our PR Agency’s in-house editorial team. Our approach to PR integrates. Artificial intelligence to pitch tens of thousands of journalists in top-tier outlets, We guarantee outstanding placements. Our writers write all the content from scratch and get it approved by you prior to getting it published. From Fortune 500s to startups, we’ve helped countless companies launch new products and elevate their brand to new heights, and reimagine entire industries through powerful PR and communication strategies. You’ll receive press coverage on sites like Forbes, NY times, CNN, WSJ, Yahoo finance, USA today, Washington post.

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IBT(Int. Bussiness Times)

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INC. Company

Tech Crunch

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