Frequently Asked Questions

PR work takes time. Most of our campaigns are 6-12 months or longer. Our clients must be patient and let the process play out as outlined in our timelines.

We focus on one milestone for all Digital Boost and Playlist campaigns per campaign period. It's possible to purchase additional milestones as an add-on. Just reach out to the campaign team and they will provide next steps.

PR placements are one of the many techniques we use to promote a company's image to the public.

We have 500+ outlets available, from Fortune 500 to Forbes to name a few.

Yes, You get to review and approve all the content our writers write from scratch prior to publication.

A press release is a news announcement that details the who, what, when, and why of an upcoming milestone. The format is different from editorial articles you might find in a magazine, blog, or newspaper.

The pickups are wire placements on different news sites. They are, however, not the same as editorial articles that can be secured via one of our PR campaigns (editorial reviews, interviews, features, etc).

Yes, we do that frequently and it works well. If the project you wish to promote is already released, sign up and we will start working on promoting it.

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Start for free. Choose a plan when you’re ready.

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